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The Coffee Cup is a cafe local to Providence, RI, seated neatly on the first floor of the Providence Place Mall - by the South Garage entrance.


Here, mall-goers can easily view what The Coffee Cup has to offer through the store's 10-foot high glass walls. Inside, guests have the choice of sitting at one of two bars (fitted with outlets) or can choose the comfortable lounge furniture.


The shop hosts classic coffee house music that is a blend of smooth jazz, light lofi, R&B, indie, and other relaxing and hip tunes, depending on which barista is working and their music choice for the day.


Guests can choose a drink by viewing the menu sign boldly stating our most common coffee and tea selections or by communicating with our team of baristas to figure out what drink is right for them.

The Coffee Cup

While at the counter making a drink order, guests can also take their time to select a fresh pastry with more than a dozen options to choose from. If they are looking for something else to eat, they can grab a healthy meal from our open fridge filled with salads, fruits, yogurts, and sandwiches. Besides the meal fridge is a separate cooler that offers an assortment of soft drinks in addition to the list of beverages our baristas can make.

If a customer wants a light snack, there is a small selection of chips, nuts, granola bars, and a few handmade goods like baklava right by the checkout counter. If guests would like to purchase the same coffee beans with which we brew, those are available too!

After making a purchase, guests are welcome to sit down and relax - or work - with free wifi available, and stay with us for a little bit longer at The Coffee Cup.

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